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"The Carter Sanction" follows the journey of Daniel Carter, a working-class bodyguard framed for kidnapping Princess Talia, heir to the throne of Wallonia. Arrested and interrogated, Carter escapes, to pursue justice, redemption and the Princess he loves before its too late.


Rudolph Benade, Silvia Calatayud Gil, Tony Richardson, Laura Wilson, Sajid Shah, Steve Overton, Eilis Cahill, Laura Arbeláez, Laurence Ford, Dave New, Thomas Biddle, Ashleigh Drew, Peter Taverner, Charlotte Pitson, Samantha Fields & Andy Jones


Written, Directed and Co-produced by Eric Garson, Co-produced by Gabi Bilin, Cinematography by Rick Hanley & David Gregory, Camera Operated by Leon Silavant & Michael Benjamin, Editor & VFX by David Gregory, Sound Recordist & Mixers by Krzysztof Rodzik & Sophie Marchant, Audio Post-Production by Sophie Marchant, BTS by Dave New & Thomas Biddle, Soundtrack by Ivor McGurk, Make-Up by Becky Taylor, Poster Design by Rashpal Gurm, Colour Grading by Katie Linard & Trailer Editor Davor Pahljina



Framed for kidnapping the Princess he swore to protect. Now he wants justice.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Action on Film Mega
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