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ABOUT: In Post-production.

CAST: Paola Ceseracciu, Michael Hoad, Tony Deufemia, Tanya Beckett, Emily Jack & Spencer Allum.

CREW: Sophie Marchant (Sound Recordist and Sound Editor), Krzysztof Rodzik (DIT), Rod Ramsey & Psyona Williams (Stills Photographer), Florence Gibson, Michael Coe, Kara Lovejoy (2nd AC), David Gregory (VFX Supervisor & Gimbal Operator), Nativit Khlongmekhun (Composer), Soner Metin (Spark) Conor Tychowski (Assistant Colourist) Eric Garson & Michael Hoad (Producers) Andrew D. Dobson & Peter J. Owen (Executive Producers) and Eric Garson (Writer, Director & Producer)


ABOUT: A crime thriller set in Reading, UK.

STORY: The Middleman is about a young mechanic called Terry. Who’s best friend is murdered, leaving Terry with his last procession, a suitcase of drugs. A police investigation begins into the murder. In the following days, Terry is threatened by a gangster to hand over the drugs or face the same fate as his fallen friend.

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ABOUT: Red, a Native American union soldier returns home, to find his childhood sweetheart, Helen, has married his best friend, Paul. And that his hometown is being threatened by a notorious railroad baron, Diamond Jack. Helen and Paul attempt to persuade a reluctant Red to fight back against the railroad gangsters and defend the town.

The script has been selected for the Spotlight International Film Festival 2023

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